Research for change

Research projects that we supported which developed and applied Catholic Social Teaching and Catholic Social Thought, to ultimately improve public policy and practice

The Internet and End of Life

Art of Dying Well at St Mary's University & Demos

‘Our partnership was formed to listen to the voices of the dying, those who accompany the dying, and those who have been bereaved: to support a greater understanding of what those in the last stages of life, and those caring for them, need, and how this can best be provided, both online and offline.’

Discovering the Common Good in Practice: The Catholicity of Catholic Charities

By Patricia Jones for the Department of Theology and Religion, Durham University

‘This research examines a group of UK Catholic charities working in the field of homelessness and social exclusion in order to understand how their Catholicity is constituted and how this impacts on their practice.’

Catholic Social Thought and Catholic Charities in Britain Today: Need and Opportunity

By Ben Ryan, Theos

'By studying the relationship between Catholic Social Teaching and those Catholic charities, the author of the report presents an ideal opportunity to reflect on how this relationship can be developed for the mutual benefit of all.'

Cardinal Vincent Nichols

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