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Supporting leadership, social action and applied research projects.

Making a difference together

Since the Charles Plater Trust awarded its first grants in 2008, we have funded over 50 diverse projects, each contributing to our overall aim of advancing social justice through education. For information about what we have previously funded, see our past recipients.

Our three funding priorities


Leadership for laypeople

Projects that deepen the awareness of Catholic Social Teaching and Catholic Social Thought to better equip people to take on leadership roles in tackling poverty, exclusion, economic inequality and environmental concerns.

We funded the Saint Vincent de Paul Society’s leadership project which enabled them to develop an understanding of social justice and Catholic Social Teaching among volunteer holiday camp leaders and how this applies to their work on camp with young people. The Charles Plater Trust funded pilot became a catalyst for wider change and greater involvement from the national SVP office in the camp programme. Subsequently, a national camp co-ordinator was employed and there is much-improved communication with the camps. A handbook developed through this project is still given out to all new camp leaders.


Social Action

Projects that deliver tangible outcomes to tackle poverty, exclusion, economic inequality and environmental concerns for marginalised people and communities.

We funded St Wilfred’s Personal Development Skills project which allowed the organisation to employ their first Development Skills coordinator and to pilot new courses. Having this new staff member allowed other staff to focus on fundraising for their capital development project. They since have built a 20-bed apartment block for homeless people, where a condition of tenancy is that residents sign up to the skills and personal development programme overseen by the Development Skills coordinator.


Applied Research

Projects that develop and apply Catholic Social Teaching and Catholic Social Thought, in partnership with those who are delivering social action work, to ultimately improve public policy and practice.

We funded the think tank Theos to produce a study about Catholic Social Thought and Catholic Charities. One of the ambitions of the project was to take ‘difficult and ecclesiastical language’ and make it more accessible. The report secured considerable media coverage and brought CST to much broader faith and even secular audiences.

Who is eligible for support?

Our exclusions are:

- Projects that are outside our three priority themes – leadership for laypeople; social action and/or applied research.

- Work that is not legally charitable.

- Work that does not have a direct benefit in England or Wales or where the applicant organization is not based in England or Wales.

- Grants to individuals. Please note that the Trust will consider applications to fund an individual’s postgraduate scholarship on a relevant topic, providing that the applying academic organisation ensures that it holds an open competition to select a candidate to undertake the grant-funded research.

- Organisations without at least three non-executive trustees or directors.

- Grants for over £60,000 in total.

- The Trust will consider applications from organisations seeking to use a Plater Trust grant as match funding as part of a larger project, but only if it contributes to the effective delivery of The Charles Plater Trust mission.

- Applications from a consortium of organisations will be given consideration if the project has a clearly listed chief contact from the lead organisation and fulfils all other eligibility criteria.

Apply online

We currently operate a biannual grant-making process, accepting large grant applications in Spring, and small grant applications in the Autumn of each year. Information about our 2022 large grant application can be found below:

Large grants programme opens on Tuesday 14th February 2022.

Deadline for applications to be received is Tuesday 15th March 2022 by 5pm.

All applicants will know CPT decision by Monday 2nd May 2022.

Successful applicants will be publicly announced at the CPT award ceremony on Wednesday 25th May 2022.

Dates for the 2022 small grant round will be available on our website by 31st August 2022.”

How to Apply

Find out more about our application process.

Read the guidance

Read our guidance to decide whether your work could contribute to The Charles Plater Trust goals.

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