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Since the Charles Plater Trust awarded its first grants in 2008, it has funded over fifty diverse projects, each contributing to the Trust’s overall aim of advancing social justice through education.

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The Charles Plater Trust is an independent charitable organisation that makes grants to a wide range of religious and non-religious organisations, people, and groups, supporting leadership, social action, and applied research projects across England and Wales.

Meet Charles Plater

The Charles Plater Trust is a charitable organisation dedicated to advancing the work of Father Charles Plater by developing social justice through education. Established as the successor to the former Plater College, Oxford, the Trust makes grants to organisations throughout England and Wales in pursuit of the Plater vision in its modern context.

Social teaching for modern life

The Catholic Church has a rich tradition of social teaching, reaching from the early church fathers and philosophers of the past to the saints and activists of today.

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