May 10, 2024

Heart of Tamworth achieves impact over the longer term.

HoT, a community based charity, and former CPT grant holder, has gone from strength to strength in serving its local community since receiving a small grant from CPT to run its initial community consultation over three years ago to work out the best way of responding to need in its local area.

Fast forward to Saturday 1st May 2024, when they welcomed dignitaries including his grace Archbishop Bernard Longley, and Barbara Hyde, Deputy Lieutenant of Staffordshire, and Heart of Tamworth supporters and volunteers to come and look around the new HOT Community Food Pantry and Pre-Loved Clothing Stores.

These two new community shops will help anyone struggling with the cost of living crisis, and new upgraded recycling facilities and growing spaces will produce food for both the community pantry and HoT Cafe.

Catherine Smith, chair of HOT said:

So many organisations like the CPT have supported us to get us to the point where we can open these community shops today. It’s a powerful example of people working together to help others. Providing practical help to people in need is the core of HOT’s work. This store project has taken two years from start to finish. We know how many people rely on us to help them secure food and clothing at affordable prices. Sadly, the extent of food poverty across the UK means this kind of support will be a necessity for years to come.”

After initial seed funding from the CPT in 2021, the charity went on to attract support from numerous other organisations. Lambe Construction completed all the groundworks, including supplying over £60,000 worth of materials and labour for free to achieve the store build. While BHB architects handled all the design and planning work pro bono, and fashion retailer New Look fitted out the clothing store for free and also trained the volunteers who will be working in the shop.

Trust Manager, Philomena Cullen said:

This is why our small grants programme exists. We know that small charities like HOT are essential for stronger and more resilient communities. HOT are a fantastic local charity, completely committed to serving its local community in the most dignified and inclusive of ways. When small charities are stronger, the communities they support are stronger too. So our small grant enabled them to develop and define their priorities, and we’ve since watched them go from strength to strength emboldened in their mission and purpose. These two new stores represent CST in action for us. Their impact will be felt by many, and we wish them continued community success. From little acorns, big oak trees can grow.”