May 8, 2024

Three times the success - The Baytree Centre's Fatima Programme smashes project targets and transforms the lives of 622 migrant girls and women

CPT celebrates the success of our £60,000 grant in supporting women and girls in South London. Our funding supported The Baytree Centre's Fatima programme, which aimed to integrate 200 vulnerable migrant women into the UK. By reducing their isolation and barriers to participation in civic life, the Fatima programme is empowering these girls and women through one-to-one support and a wide range of group activities.

Since the inception of the grant 18 months ago, the Fatima programme has far surpassed expectations. In total, 622 migrant women and girls aged 15 or above have received support to enhance their lives and those of their families. The programme utilises The Baytree Centre’s Social Mobility Mentoring methodology, focusing on five key pillars: Family, Education, Employment, Finance, and Well-being.

Key Achievements and Outcomes:

· 121 Support: The Baytree Social Mobility Coaching programme continues to thrive, providing women with the tools and structure to set and achieve goals. 152 participants have discovered newfound confidence and agency, leading to lower stress levels and improved decision-making

· INTO School Programme: Launched in February 2022, the INTO School programme has seen remarkable success, supporting 43 over 15-year-olds or older girls (and a further 44 below that age) who have recently arrived in the UK. The programme guides them through school placements and provides essential educational and well-being activities.

· Educational Courses: A total of 229 women and girls have enroled in ESOL courses, enhancing their language skills, while 68 individuals have participated in literacy courses, and 163 have joined conversation clubs, bolstering their English proficiency.

· Employability: The Baytree Centre has supported 145 women in their employment journey through programmes like ESOL for Work and Skills Booster. This has led to 57 women securing new jobs or volunteer opportunities.

· Family Stability: The programme has provided vital support to 155 women, including guidance on personal relationships and housing. Notably, 93% of participants experienced improved family stability.

· Well-being: Over 216 women have participated in well-being initiatives, including stress management programmes and celebrations of special events. These efforts have helped 85% of participants improve their mental and physical well-being.

The Baytree Centre’s year-end evaluation reveals that 95% of programme participants reported increased confidence and agency, highlighting the transformative impact of the Charles Plater Trust's funding.

"The women come to us after somewhat traumatic journeys into the UK. Thanks to organisations like the Charles Plater Trust, we can support them for safer integration into the new society, enabling them to access the opportunities and commodities that London has to offer. We equip them with language and digital skills, support their daughters to access education, and provide them with networks they need for more social mobility and inclusion," expressed Carmen Gonzalez, Development Director at The Baytree Centre.

Through collaborative efforts and a commitment to social justice, the Charles Plater Trust continues to champion initiatives like the Fatima programme, driving positive change and fostering inclusive communities.

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